Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chloe's 1st Birthday - Polka Dot Party - Part 1

For our little girl's first birthday we decided on an oh so cute polka dot theme. Pink, of course!

I hung a gorgeous polka dot garland on the wall above the table and carried the pink + white polka dot theme throughout. 
The dessert table featured cupcakes with whipped buttercream frosting, vanilla whoopie pies with lemon cream cheese filling, iced sugar cookies, cream + pink vanilla macarons, oreo pops dipped in white chocolate, a mini candy bar and polka dot cookie take + bake jars for our guests to bring home.
Mini glass milk bottles with pink polka dot straws also featured a little "Chloe is 1" sticker on the front and were finished off with some twine tied into a little bow around the collar.

I framed the cake smash print and it was featured on sweet Chloe's birthday table. The cupcakes were served in jars with spoons on a beautiful cupcake stand. Each spoon was stamped with a little "C". A tiny polka dot "Chloe" bunting hangs just above the top tier of cupcake jars with twine. The flowers in the little vase and surrounding the middle of the cupcake stand {behind the jars} are made out of pink tissue paper.

We also served some hot food as it was a 10 am - 12 pm party. We had home made sausage rolls, mini quiche, spinach and ricotta triangles and dip + celery and carrot sticks. Lovely friends of mine brought their famous tomato + cheese pastry twists and those were also a huge hit. To be honest, we usually make too much food when we have parties, and as we planned this as a morning tea {so not really a lunch} we didn't make as much. I think next time we'll just make as much food as we normally do as it was ALL gone and I felt awful as I was worried that people were still hungry! 

I will have more photos and details for you tomorrow! :o}
{see Part 2 here}

a little delightful


  1. Hello,
    Wow the party looked beautiful...love love the colours...& everything else about the party.can I ask the pink flower in the bottle how is that made?

  2. Just lovely! What a special birthday. :)

  3. Wow! Bianca, it looked absolutely beautiful :)
    I attempted to do a lovely table set up for the Baby Shower I did for a close friend last year, but it didn't look anything like I hoped LOL!
    Can't wait to see more photos!!
    Loved the cake smash too ;)

  4. Looks amazing. Can I ask about the jars to the right at the back? Are they a biscuit mix?
    What a beautiful party!

  5. So very very pretty - and i love the Picture Frame sitting on the table - such a loving touch...
    again - the table looks beautiful

    Maxine :)

  6. Gorgeous just gorgeous, seems like you didnt spare no expense!Here are my Questions,
    Where did you get the polka dot garland?
    How did you make the oreo pops?
    Where did you get the wooden spoons? An who put the c on them?
    How did you make the pink vanilla macarons?

  7. Wow, this is just beautiful! :) Found you via Super Organiser Mum - I LOVE this polka dot party! Certainly some inspiration for my daughter's upcoming 1st Birthday celebrations! Your newest follower here!

  8. Ooh I think I want that for MY next birthday party! My sweet tooth is doing cartwheels. Looking forward to seeing more pics.

  9. Ohh Bianca,
    WOW!! That looks STUNNING you are so very clever! And I do believe you bought your cupcake stand from me.. how proud do I feel.. LOL! Please please please pleeeeease may I use some of your images? amazing.

  10. Thank you all for all the beautiful comments. You're all very sweet!!
    Janine I'll be doing a tutorial post about the tissue paper flowers :) Otherwise Martha Stewart has some info on how to make them :)
    Thank you Nelbe and Hayley!
    Nicole yes, in those jars are the dry ingredients for choc chip cookies. I have some more info about it in todays post.
    Maxine thank you so much for your kind words! x
    Thank you Rebekah and Erin! x
    Glenys of course! Email me and let me know which ones you'd like to use, thank you so much for my cupcake stand, I was so happy it arrived in time because it was just perfect!!

  11. Wow Bianca just stunning. You've done an amazing job. I can't believe I'm clucky about having a little girl one day after seeing these photos. I wouldn't change my two boys for the world but girls parties are just so much prettier, obviously lol.
    Where did you get the garland from it's super lovely?
    Oh and I made those cookies in a jar at Xmas for the kindy teachers, aren't they a lovely idea.
    I just love the cupcake idea you're one clever mum.
    I was going to buy those tissue pom poms for Blakes party but I might just have to have a go at attempting them myself.


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