Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{printable} easter treat bag toppers

Hello friends!

Today I am sharing with you some cute easter treat bag toppers. I think this design is my new favourite!

They will fit the standard sandwich sized bags, but if you trim about a centimetre or two from each size {double check before you cut} from the topper they will fit those smaller snack sized ziplock bags too.

For the Bunny Noses you could use pink marshmallows or jellybeans. I wasn't sure if they'd be useful but I had already made them anyway so thought I might as well share them :o} 
Download them here.

Here are the "Bunny Tails" toppers - too cute filled with marshmallows, mints, white chocolate truffles etc. I have used the white and cream coloured M&M's in the Easter M&M packets here because I didn't have marshmallows when I wanted to photograph them for the blog :o} I think they look pretty cute!
Download them here.

Here is the "Happy Easter" topper - for any other yummy Easter treats you feel like giving.
Download them here.

As always if you would like these personalised please email me to order. I will only be able to take on a limited number of orders over these next 2 weeks. :o}


As always, these printables are free for personal and classroom use only. Please do not use for commercial purposes.
They are © 2012 - a little delightful.
No derivatives of this printable are permitted. Please do not alter these and share them as your own.
Freebie printables are offered 'as is' and cannot be changed without incurring a personalisation charge.
Please contact me with any queries regarding this {or other} printables.
I am more than happy for you to share these, but please link to my original post {this one} and not to the direct download file. Thank You.



  1. Thank you so much for these - just adorable & just what I needed. x :)

  2. Thanks Bianca, these are very pretty.

  3. only two comments on here shows that people think this idea is ridiculous. free printable after free printable. stupid.

    1. Haha - this anonymous person seems to comment on almost everything you do in a negative way. How silly! Jealously is a curse. We love you Bianca and are laughing at them, not with them ;) Thanks for the printable.

  4. These are gorgeous, Bianca! Thank you. I really appreciate these... Can I ask where you bought your easter m&m's? I can't seem to find them anywhere????

    1. Hi Teresa! I bought them from Coles in the easter section. My local had quite a few bags left the other day. Hope you find some!


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