Thursday, May 17, 2012

mother's day

I had a really beautiful Mother's day this past Sunday.
We didn't really have anything planned, which was exactly what I wanted. I thought a nice and slow morning where you eat breakfast leisurely without rushing somewhere would be bliss. I was woken up {after a little sleep in} with cuddles, snuggles and kisses from my two beautiful kiddos. 

I was given handmade cards, drawings and flowers from them both and Noah had made a very cute frame and photo at school for the fridge. 

Noah answered the 'all about my mum' printable and it made me smile because he thinks I am 25 and "from the ground to Daddy's neck" tall and that I am the best at cooking. Hubby also gave me a letter he had written to read while they made breakfast. 

Then everyone rushed back out to make me a breakfast of pancakes with whipped cream and real maple syrup. 

We just relaxed and enjoyed the morning - slowly getting dressed and going about our day. Then we decided to go browse plants at our local nursery and head to bunnings for a few things. 

After that we stopped by Freedom and I bought 2 of these

And then we headed out for some churros and hot chocolate by the sea. 
Not the best photo - but this is a famous San Churro hot chocolate with a scoop of white chocolate ice cream in it. Oh my!

This is my Mum and I 27ish years ago.
What made this day even better is my Mum was released from hospital on Sunday and was allowed to go home after spending a week in there having various tests and procedures done. We were preparing for bad news, and I was struggling with not being near her, feeling a little helpless being so far away. I am always homesick and I always miss my family. But when ever there are tough times, it is even harder to be away from them.
 I was so incredibly thankful that she was given the green light to go home. My Mum has been suffering with MS for 17 years. Over the past 9 or so it has really taken it's toll. I owe so very much to my Mum. She taught me a lot about being a mother and I am forever grateful to her for that. Thank you Mum. I love you!

I hope you had a beautiful day with your family, and for those of you who struggled through Mother's Day - biggest hugs to you x



  1. Looks like an absolutely beautiful day! x

  2. What a delightful day! LOVE the photo of you and your Mum! Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Larissa! It is one of my favourites :o}

  3. Looks just lovely. And I love that photo of your mum and yourself. Both of you look so happy and you were such a button!
    I am often reading your posts, especially on crafts, but don't often comment. Thank you for giving me endless inspiration for 'crafting'. it is definately not my strong point but my little girl has just adored your creations!! Thanks, Mandy ; )

    1. Mandy thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a message :o} I really love to hear that people are enjoying some of the things I share with their sweet little ones, makes it all worth it! x

  4. My mum also has MS Bianca. This will be the 15th year she has had it. Sending love your way. It's hard watching from the sidelines xxx

    1. Our Mum's are amazing, aren't they. It is hard to watch, biggest hugs to you too xxxx


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