LANSING MICHIGAN- With America in a frenzy over race riots, police defunding, fear-mongering and the questionable government reactions to Coronavirus, Michigan seems to be the center of pushback. The American Patriot Rallies have been peaceful and have not been infiltrated by groups like Antifa or others who escalate peaceful protests into violent and destructive riots.

“I think the reason that our rallies have been so safe, is because we have made the militias such a big part of them,” Said Jason Howland, “early on in planning the “Vote No” event at the Capital on April 30th, we decided that we would never hide anything. That meant showing the militias for what they are as an important and necessary part of a free America. These anti-American groups, they are cowards,” Howland continued, “they don’t want any part of taking true American Patriots head on. The Police know that, too, and so they feel safe at our rallies, as well.”

The next Rally, titled, “American Patriot Rally: A Well-Regulated Militia” is set to be the biggest to date.

“This will definitely be our biggest rally yet, and also the most important.” Said Ryan Kelley, a W. Michigan resident, and founding member of the team.

American Patriot Rallies have been very organized, and highly attended in both Lansing and Grand Rapids. Ryan feels, as most Americans do, that the idea of defunding police, an idea being pushed hard by major media outlets, is dangerous and that it is up to the people to keep the peace.

With over 3-million gun owners in Michigan, many Michiganders are seeing the rally as a ray of hope in light of all that is taking place.

“We’ve been wanting this for over thirty years”, says Bill, a Patriot and major player in the movement to keep the power in the hands of the people. “It’s about time people started to stand up for themselves.”

One thing is for sure: this writer has never felt a bigger buzz around a single event like this. Time will tell, but all things point to the American Patriots building, as they put it, “An Army of the People for the People.”

A. Closer, reporting for the American Patriot Press.

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020  3:37pm