Copyright TheftMost people think that uploading and downloading copyrighted material can save them money. However, it causes serious damage because it affects those connected within the film industry who are trying hard to earn a living. So, people should remember that illegal downloading of copyrighted materials is not a victimless crime.

A big problem for the consumer communities, as well as film and TV industries is copyright theft. File sharing affects the profits of legitimate businesses including the distributors and high street retailers who rent or sell DVDs. Currently; the issue diminishes 15% of the value of legitimate sales. Aside from big businesses, this problem also affects 150,000 people who are employed in the industry negatively. This problem contributes to retail or rental closures and loss of jobs. It is an increasing threat to future investment.

The UK audiovisual industries loses £500 million per year because of copyright theft. In total, the UK economy’s loss is £1.2 billion.

Source: Oxford Economics

Websites that are hosting or linking to illicit content online becomes more prevalent. They generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenues from advertising per month. One example, Pirate Bay made over $1 million a year in profits from advertising

Copyright Theft