IP TrackingCOPYRIGHT MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD (formerly Copyright Collections Ltd.) uses several vendors of piracy tracking companies. Our technology captures accurate evidence of the infringers. It’s our central focus on fighting against piracy as well as the illegal distribution of our copyright.

Most recently, Copyright Management Services Ltd. worked with Maverick Eye. It’s a company that has had more than 5000 successful court applications in Germany. Also, it was cross examined in the Australian Federal Court.

About the experts

Dr. Simone Richter

Dr. Richter is a super scientist and expert in Maverik Monitor Version 1.47. This software program monitors, detects and stores information involving data transfers of copyright material on BitTorrent.

BitTorrent is a file transfer protocol which enables users to upload and download large files on the internet. This involves a peer-to-peer (P2P) network of a group of computers that are linked together to share information, data or files with one another. A connection is established between the users in the network where each computer can function as both client and server.

Examination results

With sources like user documentation, source code, visual inspection and physical tests, Dr. Simone Richter discovered that the software program can:

• monitor traffic on the BitTorrent network,
• can identify the users’ IP addresses and accurately record time of the data transfer,
• can ensure that no erroneous IP addresses are collected in the software by implementing mechanisms,
• and a lot more.

Dr. Richter conducted the expert report in the Evaluation of the System MaverikMonitor for the Australian proceeding and one judge said it’s a reliable data.

Clem Vogler

Another expert is Clem Vogler. He has written a detailed report of our software. He’s a chartered physicist registered as a computer expert with the Expert Witness Directory.

Clem Vogler’s work in providing clear explanations on computer evidence was commended by Crown Court Judges. His report will be provided in court along with other evidence gathered of the infringers.

IP Tracking