So we can’t build snowmen out of snow in our backyards here. If you can 
where you are, then I think you’re lucky. I can’t wait until I can take my kids somewhere to experience a White Christmas so they can build their own Frosty. I have such fond memories of building snowmen, snow castles and making snow angels and snow cones as a little kid.

But who said Frosty has to be built out of snow?
This was a very last minute project. We were out over the weekend, I saw the lanterns and thought “hey, we could build a snowman!” {perhaps because I had the carol stuck in my head … }

So we came home with $4 worth of lanterns {gotta love the discount variety store!} and fished out some felt and black construction paper from my craft stash.
I used a large circle punch to make the eyes, mouth and buttons {so much quicker than cutting circles}
Cut a carrot shape for the nose
and used double sided sticky tape to attach them all to the lanterns.

My little helper thought we needed many, many, many more little black pieces of paper as you can see…
To make the scarf I used a whole A4 sized sheet of red felt and stretched it out, cut it in half lengthways and stretched it out some-more. I then attached them together with safety pins {because I can’t sew and because it was super quick} and cut each edge to look like a scarf. Then I wrapped it around Frosty’s neck. 
 He is missing a top hat huh. It’s just not the same without one. 
Well we were going to make one, but a friend had this one lying around her house and didn’t mind me cutting a hole in the top. For now, this’ll do! Cute!
Now he needs arms, right? …