Tradition in our family is a Christmas Eve feast. That is our big event, Christmas Day has always been about going to church and then chilling with family and having left overs for lunch.
So tomorrow night my family will sit down to a Traditional Roast Turkey dinner, with all the trimmings. 
And then of course, dessert. We will have a rice pudding {traditional dessert from Mum’s side} and my husband has declared pecan pie is our family’s new dessert tradition. But in addition to those, I designed this little dessert table for our special night. 
We will enjoy a few different little goodies. 
These little snowmen on lollipop sticks
Fresh milk in glass milk bottles

 Oreo pops

 Dipped in white chocolate

 And then covered in sugar and gold glitter
Meringue stars
These chocolate dipped pretzels spell out LOVE
If you have never done this before, I suggest you try it. It was so easy to dip pretzels into runny chocolate. I then sprinkled with sugar and glitter again, and then they set on a sheet of baking paper.
They taste just delicious. And they look impressive! I had wanted to use the star shaped ones but they were all broken. But I am so happy with how these turned out.
Perhaps a little bright and colourful for the table but these ‘puddings’ are always gorgeous. Since a friend introduced me to these they are a regular around here at Christmas time.
They are very easy to make. Just use Arnotts Chocolate Royal biscuits and drizzle some melted white chocolate on top. I cut my spearmint leaf in half as they are quite thick, then wait til the chocolate has started to set a little and place it on. The original recipe calls for a jaffa as the cherry, but I really don’t like jaffa, and so I use a little red M&M. I think they work a little better anyway, as they’re smaller and flatter. 
And so there we have an easy, quick and small dessert table perfect for just us on Christmas Eve. Styled tables don’t always have to be big, nor have 20 different things on them. Short, simple and sweet.
It was so enjoyable preparing this for my family. And it will be even better watching them devour all the little treats.
Though I’m not sure we’ll be able to fit it all in.