I wanted to do a handprint Easter craft seeing as we did an Easter craft using feet for bunny ears
So we did some handprints …
and sponge painted this cute little chicken …
If you want to you can go over the eyes and beak when the paint is dry to make them dark again but I didn’t bother.
And then we put the two together!
Love love love this!
We also did a few other variations. If you don’t want to use paint – you could always use coloured paper and trace your kiddo’s hand. Or use plain paper and colour it.
And of course we had to do my little guy’s favourite – glueing. Thanks to the lovely Jade of Super Organiser Mum for the idea of using some feathers! Huge hit with Noah and apparently we must make more for the grandparents.
I also printed the chicken onto yellow cardstock as another option. We did painted handprints but of course you could go the traced handprints for absolutely no messy glue or paint! The little feet are a little tricky to cut out but I did make it so that you could cut them off completely if you don’t want them!
I love these little chickens as much as the paper plate bunnies we did.
11 month old handprints on the little chicken to the left and 4 year old handprints on the chicken to the right.
And here they all are up on our wall.
You can download your own cute little chicken here. I hope you have as much fun as we did! :o}
a little delightful