This might be the longest post on s’mores in the world. Maybe. But it shows how much I love s’mores. I am sorry if you don’t like s’mores, I am done talking about them after this post :o} For now.
S’mores stand for “some-more” because that is exactly what you will want when you try this totally yummy combination of delicious graham cracker, toasted melty marshmallow and smooth chocolate. This is a childhood memory for me, balmy nights around the beach campfire with my brothers. Long long skewers made just for roasting marshmallows … enjoying this ooey, gooey yummy treat while listening to the waves crash just beyond us.
Want to make some S’mores?
Here we go!

1. Get your graham cracker {these are home made – you can find the recipe here}

2. Place some chocolate on it {I used dark chocolate melts}

3. Skewer your marshmallow {I used our home made marshmallow} and roast over a flame {haha, or a stove in your kitchen like we did, or just melt a little in the microwave but this doesn’t taste exactly the same!}

To me, the heat from the marshmallow is enough to melt the chocolate a little, but some would melt the chocolate and then put it on the graham cracker, it’s all about how you like your s’more.

4. EAT!

I have seen some examples of s’mores pops and though, how fantastic! Although a fantastic + quick treat, they just don’t have enough graham cracker for me, that is my favourite part!
Smores Pop
ventisette:  S’mores Pops.
And so did I endeavour to make a  more graham crackery S’mores Pop?
Yes I did. :o}

Beware, this is NOT easy peasy. It was a little complicated BUT it is doable. If you’re serious about having a S’more pop like I was … I suggest you give it a go, it’s worth it.
I used the same recipe for the home made graham crackers but I rolled little bits of dough into a ball. These came out as a domed circle shaped cookie. Perfect.

I stuck them on a lollipop stick, and coated in home made marshmallow melted goodness {in hindsight, it would have been easier to use the marshmallow before it set, eliminating the need for melting}.
And then I placed them on a lined tray and let {re}set in the fridge. I needed to do this part twice to get a good coating, and it’s messy and sticky and you have to peel the cookie bit off the baking paper because it gets a little stuck. Using the lollipop stick at this stage will mean it comes out of your cookie!
After the second coating of marshmallow had set, I then dipped them into some melted chocolate, and placed them back on the tray and in the fridge for the chocolate to set.
So incredibly good.
a little delightful