Thursday, September 8, 2011

our new playroom : beneath the apple tree reading nook

This is my favourite favourite part of the playroom. I love how it has come together and how it provides a nice cosy spot to read in. Fitting 4 of us in here is a bit difficult, but 3 of us is just perfect. The kids just love it and use it on a daily basis. Chloe doesn't like the apple cushions however, so she always throws them out before she makes herself comfortable. 

I have always wanted a reading nook and really wanted to make one for my kiddos. At first we weren't going to use the wardrobe recess for the nook as I had wanted to use it for storage, but it really was going to be the best space for it in this playroom so I decided to forgo the storage.

This reading nook is almost entirely made of Ikea stuff! I didn't really plan it that way, it just sort of happened. You have got to love Ikea!

One day, we'll raise the foam cushion so that there is book storage underneath, but for now I wanted to make sure even the littlest member of our family had access to the nook and so I decided it needed to be on the floor.
I had a piece of foam cut to size and covered it with a nice hardy beige fabric. The foam is from Clark Rubber and the fabric is from Spoglight.
The grass-like rug was a last minute idea, thanks to Ikea. I love how it turned out and how it adds to the 'beneath the apple tree' theme.

I bought 3 Granat cushions to use for the 'back' of the nook. They are nice and plump cushions, and you can't beat their price tag.

I also bought these very thin curtains to hang from the rail above. I wanted it to let a lot of light in, since this was a spot for reading.  We are only using one curtain here, though it comes in a pair.
I cut out some apples from red fabric, as well as leaves in two shades of green, a nice muted green and a more apple green.

I sewed each of them on in various spots of the top half of the curtain.

We hemmed a bit of thick brown fabric and attached a bit of ribbon so we could tie the curtain back with the cloth to make the trunk of the apple tree. The ribbon attaches to a small hook on the wall.

I also made up a few little apple cushions. I am in love with the green polka dotty ones {fabric from Spotlight}. I used felt for the stalk and leaf on the apples and filled with hobbyfill. I am totally proud of all of this sewing since I am really not good at it. The red apple didn't take too long, but for some reason the larger spotty green apple took me 3 goes and almost a full day. Yeah, I am not good at sewing!

I placed an old picnic basket on the floor with a small selection of books. We are still using their library too, it's just not great right next to the nook, so it is next to the toy storage unit. 

a little delightful


  1. Bianca I have wanted a little reading nook for the longest time :) Your apple tree nook is just so darn cute...I love it!

  2. Gosh Bianca you never cease to amaze me, this is a gorgeous idea. You're so clever. I bet the kids love it.

  3. This is soooo cute! :) Well done - a lovely space to encourage such a wonderful and important activity as reading!

  4. Just pinned this. It's gorgeous. If you want to send me a pic I'd also love to add it to my website.

    It's so bright and inviting. Well done. Your kids must love it!


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