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advent calendar cards + christmas activity planner printables

They are finally ready :o}

I am so excited to be sharing these with you. I have been using Advent Calendar cards for our Christmas Countdown for a few years and last year I showed them on the blog. I was not able to share those due to the terms of use of many of the little graphics I used being for personal use only.
I am happy to report I can make these ones available to you! Yay!

There are: 
14 printed cards
and 4 blank cards

The activities include:
Bake some yummy Christmas cookies
Christmas movie night
Go and look at Christmas lights
Make Reindeer Food
Write a letter to Santa
Think of 10 things we are thankful for
Leave a gift under the Wishing Tree
Go and visit Santa
Leave out cookies and milk for Santa, and food for the Reindeer, too
Do some Christmas crafts
Read some Christmas stories
Sing Christmas carols
Give to Charity
Enjoy hot chocolate together

+ 4 blanks cards

I laminated ours so they'll last.
{including the blank ones - so I can use a whiteboard marker and reuse them}

I used this Christmas Activity Calendar to help me work out which days are best for which advent activity. It does mean being really organised about December but since it is so busy and the calendar fills up early it is easy for me to see which day would be best to go and visit Santa and which day I block off for a 'home day' so we can do crafts etc. The last thing I want to do is stick the "Christmas Movie Night" card in a pocket for a day that it is just not going to happen.
Of course when something needs changing it's easy, this just helps me see everything in one place.

You can download your own calendars from here. :o}

Last night, after working out everything using the calendar, I placed all the cards in the corresponding pockets of our advent calendar {pictured at the very top} and placed some other treats in some of the pockets, too.

Some days don't have an activity card and just have a little treat or tiny gift. This year I've done some hair clips, lego men, mini bubbles, little chocolates, baby gingerbread men and some little peppermints.
I also reuse some of the cards {like the Read a Christmas Story and Do some Christmas crafts} and just put them back in the pockets for another day because we do those things a lot more than once!}

I hope you enjoy these Advent Calendar cards and that they help bring some joy into your home this Christmas!
They will be available to buy in my etsy shop next year so grab them while they're FREE!

I have decided to keep these free this year (2012) too, so please feel free to download! :o}

Download the a little delightful Advent Calendar Cards here

For A$10 you can have these cards custom made for your family to suit your own holiday traditions and rituals :o} Just leave a message for me on Facebook or e-mail me and we'll get to work right away :o}



As always, these printables are free for personal and classroom use only. They will only be free for a limited time. 
Please do not use for commercial purposes.
They are © 2012 - a little delightful.
No derivatives of this printable are permitted. Please do not alter these and share them as your own.
Freebie printables are offered 'as is' and cannot be changed without incurring a personalisation charge.
Please contact me with any queries regarding this {or other} printables.
I am more than happy for you to share these, but please link to my original post {this one} and not to the direct download file. Thank you.

Graphics used under licence from 


  1. Hi Bianca

    This is fabulous of you to allow use of the printables again. Unfortunately the download is not currently working... ( the link to themm is however...). Thanks for sharing all that you do. Love your blog...


    1. Hi Tania,
      Both are working here for me when I download them. Could you please email me if you're still having trouble? :)

  2. Thanks Bianca for sharing. I have just got an advent calender this year - so these printables are perfect!
    However, I too am having trouble downloading. The link opens successfully and it states that it is downloading, but then returns back to the original screen to download. Do you need to sign up to media fire to access?
    Thanks, Corinne

    1. Hi Corinne,
      sorry you are having trouble too. are you pressing the download button when you get to the download page? It will not download automatically. if you have pressed the download button, have you checked your downloads folder? you do not need to sign up to media fire to access it. please email me if you are still having trouble :)

  3. Hi Bianca

    Did you make your gorgeous Calico Calendar? I love it it's so sweet and simple - perfect.

    Kirsty De Roach

    1. Hi Kirsty :)

      No I didn't make it myself (wish I had that kind of skill!) it was from bed bath and table a few years ago now during an after Christmas sale. but this year noticed that Kikki-k have a very similar one :) hope that helps :)

    2. All seems to be working now. I don't know what I was doing wrong previously. Thanks again!

  4. Hi, I messaged you on Facebook--I was interested in getting some custom cards for $10. Are you still doing that?


  5. Hi, are you still doing the custom advent cards for $10? I messaged you on Facebook, but haven't received a reply...?

    1. Hi Nikki,

      So sorry, I have searched my facebook messages for your message but I don't have it?
      Could you email me at :) I would love to do up some advent cards for you :)

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi Bianca,

      I sent you an email a few days ago and I was just trying to reach you to determine if you received it...? Sorry to bug your about this, but December 1st is in a few days so I wanted to make sure you could still do the cards for me, since I haven't had a reply from you.

      If you can't, please let me know so that I can try to figure something else out...


  6. LOVE THESE!!! Can you share the font that you used to make the cards. I would like to use the same font on the blank ones.

    1. Hi Angela,

      Sorry, but the advent card file is not editable. It is possible to purchase a set of personalized advent cards to suit your family for $10, contact me if you would like to do this. Thank you! :)


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