After falling in love with the Reindeer thumbprints we did on Noah’s bookmarks I decided we all needed to make some christmas fingerprint art to display in our home. 
So the other weekend I painted these mini canvases in a few different colours – winter blue, a slight teal and a washed out gold. 
After our canvas dried, we each added a thumbprint. 
The antlers and eyes were done with a fine permanent marker and the nose was done with a small dot of red paint. 
After seeing these cute snowman ornaments on Eighteen25 last year I really wanted to make them this year so decided we’d each do our pointer finger to make a little snowman family. 
The details were done with paint for the nose and then coloured permanent marker for everything else.
The little canvases are the kiddos fingers, we just painted 4 fingers {not the thumb} and pressed them down onto the canvas… Cute reminder of how little their hands are.
And I tried these ones out just for fun – thumbprint Christmas trees.
I really love how cute these are, and how very simple they were to make. Such a cute keepsake too – to see how much your kiddo has grown from one Christmas to another.