I had wanted to share these on Wednesday but my plan of having a post every weekday in the lead up to Christmas just isn’t happening haha! It is so busy this time of year and this week has been crazy for us, with so many extra commitments including parent roster day at Kindy and quite a few unexpected appointments too. 
This year we have gone with bookmarks as part of our little kindy gifts for Noah’s class.
Since they are 4 and 5 year olds I thought that a bookmark might not be the most age appropriate gift but in the end this is what he decided he would like to give them, so who am I to change his mind? Plus I loved the idea in the first place. 
I first asked him write his name as neatly as possible and scanned it into my computer. 
I made up some very simple bookmarks that just said “Merry Christmas love from Noah” and used the scanned image of his handwritten name.
I had seen this cute idea of making Fingerprint Reindeer here via Pinterest and thought it was say too cute. So we then sat down with our little ink pad and Noah made thumbprints on all 35 bookmarks and he had a ball!
Then I drew on the little faces and the reindeer antlers and I cannot believe how cute these are! I almost don’t want to give them away but at least we have a few extra so he can keep one and I can put one in his scrapbook. {ahem I might have kept one for me too}

Thank you for all of the sweet messages I have been receiving lately about the Advent Calendar printables! I’m really glad they’re bringing joy into your lives at Christmastime and the messages are really just lovely to read. They mean a lot!