I found this idea on Pinterest and knew my kiddos would have fun making their own little puffy paint snowmen.
It is really easy to mix up the ‘paint’ – 1 part shaving cream and 1 part pva glue.
I made up a bowl for each kiddo and used 1/3 cup of each shaving cream and pva glue for each bowl and this was PLENTY. I’d probably just make up the 1 bowl with 1/3 cup each next time for my two.
Just mix the shaving cream and glue together.
And paint!
Easy yes!?
Then we decorated our snowmen with eyes and noses and buttons etc.
We also used a teeny bit of this ‘paint’ on the bottom of our Snowman fingerprint canvases :o} Gives it a little bit of a 3D effect. :o}
It is quite puffy and thick when you first use it but it does not dry as thick :o} It did take ours to dry overnight before you could touch it.
If you would like a simple Snowman outline for this or any other fun snowmen crafts you can download ours here. It is A4 size :o}