We have been collecting little bits and pieces from the aussie ‘bush’ – well, we don’t live in the bush but you know what I mean!
We live in such a gorgeous and unique country. I thought it would be nice, in honour of Australia Day, to make a garland to display in our home, making use of gumnuts, leaves and jacaranda seed pods.
So here is our collection, we gathered these bits and pieces over 2 lovely family walks. 
And then I tied them onto some plain cotton twine. I found it easiest to make the loop first, then place the gumnut or leaf etc into the loop and tighten. 
I love it. It is just a nice subtle touch for Australia Day :o} This is ours hanging from the shelf we used as a mantle at Christmastime.
It is flooding in QLD and we are suffering a heat wave here in WA. Such a contrast. Please keep safe everyone, wherever you are. 
I hope you have a fun filled Australia day tomorrow, with all the things that make this country a great one. xo