I had meant to post this on Friday! :o} But instead I am sharing it with you today. 
As the brand new school year start approaches we are getting a few things ready around here and I can’t wait to share them all with you.
Firstly I thought I would share with you my pick for an excellent lunchbox – tried and tested.
I bought a new lunch box for Noah late last term as he was in need of a new one. 
I did my research as I wanted one that was insulated, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. I ended up finding this totally cute lunchbox from Sukimama

I was won over by the cuteness. And it ticked my PVC, phthalate and BPA free boxes. Hooray! AND it said machine washable. What the? I’m in.
The Beatrix New York lunch boxes are also lead free. And did I mention … CUTE!?!?

I was so impressed when it arrived as the quality is better than I expected. It’s really a gorgeous lunch box. It has a spot for writing your name on the back as well as a zippered pocket. 

But the rest is just one nice and large compartment perfect for flexible lunch box packing! I needed a lunch box big enough to fit all our reusable containers and this one does not disappoint. The sides of the lunch box are rigid and so keep everything nice and un-smooshed. It’s super easy to zip and unzip too.

Love it.

I wipe it out with a safe disinfectant every school day and let it air out overnight. I know it says ‘machine washable’ I was too scared to test it out in the washing machine… but on the last day of school, it came home with yoghurt spilt all over the inside, and candy cane stickyness all over it too – outside and in. YUCK. I wiped and wiped and that yoghurt had just seeped into the little corners. Gross. So I decided to chuck it into the machine with normal load of clothes. 

It came out like a brand new lunch box. To say I was impressed may perhaps be an understatement. I love that I can throw it into the machine to give it a real good clean when it needs it and it will come out looking brand new again. 

You can check out other cute Beatrix New York designs over at Sukimama’s!
{disclosure} I was not compensated for this review and all opinions and photography are my own. I purchased the lunch box myself.