Monday, April 16, 2012

{craft} lorax week :: printable and other fun

Last week we went to watch The Lorax. I am a big kid at heart, I know that. But I don't love ALL kids movies. This one though. Oh. I fell in love with it. It is gorgeous from beginning to end. And the message it sends to our kids (and us!!) ... brilliant. 

So to kick of Lorax Week on the blog, I designed this printable featuring a very important quote from the book and movie.

I think it is such a beautiful message for our children to learn and understand. That someone has got to care - and that just one person can make a difference. 
Believe in the power of One. 
Believe that you are great enough to make an impact. 
Believe in doing good. 

I get all of those messages from this quote. And I want my children to remember that they can do good things in this life.

The printable will fit a 5x7 frame. :o}
You can download it here.


We also downloaded two Lorax apps - both free. 

The Lorax app for iPhone lets you put The Lorax's trademark yellow moustache on people when you take a photo of them. Too funny. You can bet Noah took a photo of my backside and put a moustache on it. 5 year old boys!!
And the Lorax HD for iPad is a cute game just perfect for kiddos who like those problem solving games.

I'll be back on Wednesday with a super easy Lorax craft!



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  1. We love the Lorax too.. saw it on holidays last week, it was great for our 5 year old who had been reading it in school.

    Thanks for the printable he'll love that...and the info about the app.

  2. This was such a great movie, and an even better quote!


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