Firstly, I cannot thank all of you enough for your absolutely beautiful comments, messages and emails about my last post. I am so proud to be part of this community. You are all so beautiful, and you have all warmed my heart. You have no idea. Thank you, for understanding where I was coming from. For ‘getting’ my message and for taking the time to write to me. xxx
I thought I’d share a little of our Easter. It was so nice to have a few quiet days in a row to just chill out. This was our first relaxed Easter in a very long time – we didn’t have much planned anyway but with Hubby being quite sick and the kids not being 100% either we were forced to take it slower than we had planned. Please forgive the iPhone photos!
We ate hot cross buns outside on Good Friday. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. It was a nice day for reflection – and I did a lot of it. Watching my kids enjoy an Easter treat, in the sunshine of our lovely backyard. In their mismatched clothing {we like to dress ourselves now, especially Chloe – and most days I just let them}. With their water bottles filled with clean water. It really is the simple things that remind me life is good. Life is really good.
We watched movies {while my sick hubby slept} and played with lego.
On Saturday we had some errands to run. 
We also delivered a couple of our Bunny Food packages to some family friends.
And in the evening we got ready for the Easter Bunny.
We made special ‘bunny food’ {oats, hundreds and thousands and edible glitter} to add to the fresh carrot and water we left out for the Bunny.
The kids drew pictures for the him too. We laid it all out with his snacks and water.
Chloe had to make sure everything was just right before hopping off to bed.
Hubby and I had a ball trying to do the Easter Bunny foot prints with flour. I made a quick stencil out of paper and then only AFTER we were done did my hubby say they didn’t look like bunny prints. Too late. haha.
Noah surveying the Easter Bunny Mess in the morning. 
We let the kids eat chocolate for breakfast. Noah cleaned up after the Easter Bunny. We got ready for church, but hubby needed to go to the doctor instead.
The kids did a little egg hunt in the backyard. And they decorated cookies with icing and sprinkles for afternoon snack.
On Monday we went to the movies and watched The Lorax. I love love love this movie. So much. Noah did too. The book has always been a beautiful story, with a gorgeous message. The movie is just wonderful, and really brings the story to life.
I hope you don’t mind that I am proclaiming next week Lorax week on the blog. :o}
I hope you had a beautiful Easter long weekend with your family! Tell me, did you just stay home and have a staycation? Or did you go off on a holiday?