Friday, June 29, 2012

{printable} school holiday planner + schedule

We have one more week of school before the holidays and I felt like getting organised early - I get to enjoy one of these weeks with Noah free of any other obligation and then uni starts up again for me and it's back to study mode so while we'll still enjoy school holidays as per usual during the day, I will have less time to think about things to do and less time to plan etc in the evening so pre-planning works great for me!

I made up a new school holiday planner - so now you have two to choose from. The older version is here.
Download the new one here

I use this to plan our days and see what we have on. To record what events are on what day and jot down any plans we have made or appointments we might have.

After seeing Jen from iHeartOrganizing's post on their summer schedule I thought it was something we definitely needed around here too. After all I am very much a schedule person! :o}
So I made one up for us since it's not summer here :o} It just so happens to match the calendar. I am also a matchy matchy person.

Download from here:

If you're experiencing summer right now you might want to download Jen's super cute summery one from here! :o}

We have pretty set times for meals and rest time already but I thought it would be nice to fill in all those times between with some focused activities like reading time, art time, craft time, out side play {weather permitting} and of course we love a lot of free play time, too. 
Can't wait for {hopefully} lovely calm and fun school holiday days!

Down the bottom of the schedule printable I have space for allocating certain activities for certain week days. I found this idea here - where Jamie decided that Mondays would be a craft day and Tuesdays would be library day etc over the school holidays. I thought this would be a brilliant way to organise our days too, and help us have a little more purpose and focus during the school break. 
I haven't quite decided on everything yet, but know that we will be having a cooking day, library day, outing day {movie or museum or park} etc and we will be crafting most afternoons.
I am treating it as a test run to see if I think this will work for our long summer break at the end of the year.

Throughout the school holidays we will also be doing all our dinosaur activities!
Hope you have a lovely time over the break! Or if you're already in the middle of school holidays I hope you guys have had some fun and maybe you'll find these printables useful next time.
What do you have planned? What have you been up to?



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  1. Thank you Bianca!! Love the calendar, so pretty. Can't wait to fill it in with our activities. x

  2. Thank you so much for this!! Have downloaded it. It is so pretty!! You're awesome <3 xx


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