Monday, August 27, 2012

{printables} father's day menu, interview and drawing page!

Last year, the father's day printables were SO popular!

So now I am sharing with you last year's Father's Day printables with a few updates, including a new look! They match the bookmarks I shared earlier which you can find here.

Noah absolutely loved taking hubby's order last year and is excited about doing it this year, too. The 10 things we love about you list made hubby a little teary last year.

Download it here.

The questionnaire is always fun, and it is a hoot to see how the answers change each year. I have changed it ever so slightly from last year {just to include "my dad's job is" because it's always interesting to see what kiddos think their dad does!

Download here
Also available in "grandad
and blank for you to fill in 

And a favourite from last year was the "picture of my dad" page - also updated for 2012 for you.

LOVE these. So much. Especially the need for Googly eyes - I see Noah loves them as much as I do!

Download from here.
Available also as "Grandad"
and blank to fill in as you need.

I hope you and your little ones enjoy these! And of course that they bring some smiles to your home this Father's Day!


As always, these printables are free for personal and classroom use only. Please do not use for commercial purposes.
They are © 2012 - a little delightful.
No derivatives of this printable are permitted. Please do not alter these and share them as your own.
Freebie printables are offered 'as is' and cannot be changed without incurring a personalisation charge.
Please contact me with any queries regarding this {or other} printables.
I am more than happy for you to share these, but please link to the original post {this one} and not to the direct download file. Thank You.


  1. WOW! These are so great. I live in Canada so father's day was in June but I still will do with my fiance's daughter the questionnaire "All about my dad", Im sure she will have lots of fun to fill it up and he will love it sooooo much! Thanks for sharing this with us! xoxo

    1. Lovely Laura! Yes the interview really could be done any time of year couldn't it :) Hope you have fun! xx

  2. Thank you so much - these are really lovely. Can't wait to do the interview with my daughter.

    1. You're so welcome Laura! have fun with your sweet girl! x

  3. Love it Bianca, thank you for creating something so great for us to use!!

    1. Thank you Kath! Hope your kiddos have fun with them and that they bring some smiles this father's day xx

  4. are fabulous! These are great! I cannot wait to do these next year!! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Kristina! Sorry these weren't out in time for your father's day in the US, but yes, next year! :)

  5. I have been trying to downlaod these wonderful Fathers Day printables but they just wont download :(

    1. Hi Emma,
      when you click on the links to download they should take you to a page where you preview the document - then in the top right hand corner is a green button that says "download" click on this and it should bring you to another page whre you have to click download again for it to work. Hope that helps, let me know how you go

  6. Thank you for these! We did the interview last year with our then 2.5yo, it will be interesting to see what her answers are this year ;) I am going to do the picture of My Dad too with both girls (a now 3.5 and a 1 year old, not sure what the little ones will be like lol)

  7. I loved when you did these last year and actually used the interview with Grace when it was my husband's birthday earlier in the year :) Such a cute idea!

  8. Love these especially the breakfast menu! Thank you.


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