Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{printable} movie night tickets + snack bar labels

Hello lovelies! 
I have finally had a chance to get these uploaded to share with you! Sorry it's been so quiet around here lately - I had a huge assignment due in plus sick kiddos the week before so it's been a little crazy. I have so much to share with you though! Let's start with this :o}

We love movie nights at our house and sometimes it's fun to make them a little more extra special so I made up these Move Night Tickets and Drink and Snack Vouchers to use. Noah's face lit up when I showed him his ticket! 
I printed them onto card stock and laminated them so we could re-use them over and over.

I also made some Snack Bar labels and tent cards to match. You could stick the "Movie Night Snacks" label onto paper bags or boxes filled with popcorn or onto a packet of M&M's or whatever your favourite movie night snack is! :o} 
I also laminated these ones so I could just re-use them. I hole punched them so I could tie them around jars etc for our snacks. 
I keep the tickets and such all in a little box when we're not using them.

One of my kid's favourite movie snacks is home made 'fairy popcorn'. 
This couldn't be easier! Just pop your plain popcorn {I have a Breville Crazy Popper}.
Place the popcorn onto a tray lined with baking paper.
Melt some white chocolate melts and then drizzle over the popcorn. Be a bit generous. Yum!
Then sprinkle some 100's and 1000's onto the popcorn/chocolate before the chocolate sets. 
Allow to set before you start eating it, put it in the fridge to speed this process up if you like! :o} 
{ps, you can get natural coloured sprinkles, I have bought mine at woolworths - dollar sweet brand natural 100's and 1000's}

 This is my hubby's favourite movie night snack! Salted dark chocolate popcorn with nuts.

Make your own popcorn and place on a tray lined with baking paper. Mix in some nuts {we love almonds and cashews - sometimes raw or sometimes toasted, depending on what I've felt like making that day} and then drizzle over melted dark chocolate AND a little pink himalayan sea salt. Allow to set. If you can wait. Yum.

I hope you enjoy these and that they make movie nights a little extra special at your place!! Might be perfect with school holidays coming up!

Download the tickets from here
and the drink + snack vouchers and snack bar labels from here 

also if you're after some school holiday schedule and calendar printables to help the holidays go that little bit smoother you can find them here
and for some easy peasy school holiday ideas look here :o}



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  1. What a marvelous set. And those popcorn recipes......yummo!! Thank you. You will make our next Friday night movie night so much more fun!

    1. I hope you have a great movie night Amber! I know, so easy to jazz up the popcorn like this, you will love it! :) x

  2. Thank-you! How yummy does that popcorn look, I might just have to try it!

  3. This is just the cutest! Thank you for sharing! I am going to use these this weekend for our movie night.

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy your movie night and that the printables make it a little more extra fun x

  4. Yummy snacks, I think my kids would love them and the fun tickets :) Thanks

    1. You're welcome! :) Hope they do like them! x

  5. Taking popcorn to a whole new level!! It all looks great :)

  6. Thank you so much for the printable tickets. I am organising a drive in movie night for my kids and their friends this coming weekend. Boxes made into cars for them to sit in, concession stand, play money to buy their treats etc. Thanks again! I love to see an Australian blogger and I am very interested to read you kids food posts as we are currently trying to cut out preservatives and additives from our diets.


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