Some of you may remember before Christmas last year we embarked on a little doll house make over for our little Chloe. We decided to go with a smaller sized, second hand doll house as I just couldn’t find one that I absolutely LOVED considering her age {2.5 at the time} and we weren’t sure how much she’d play with it since she loves cars and trains and blocks and duplo and her play kitchen. 

So we searched Gumtree for ages to find a perfect wooden dollhouse to do up and give her for Christmas. After a while we found this cutie for $40 but I seriously didn’t love the paint colours {bad photo, but it was a super hot pink and a really bright purple} so I decided to paint it so it would match her room a little more with some softer colours in pink, this lovely bluey aqua and white.

It was fairly easy to paint, we just took it apart and painted it piece by piece and then put it back together. 

For the furniture I decided to go with Le Toy Van – the quality of these doll house toys is very good, particularly for a younger child. They’re quite sturdy and not too fragile. 

For the dolls, Chloe was in love with her little Sylvannian family – so we just went with those.

And she loves it 🙂 And I love that she loves it. 
And it is the perfect size for her for now.

I love that it is more the kind of dollhouse I imagined as her first ever dollhouse. I also love that we spent a little time doing it up for her. It’s not perfect {we’re not the best at spray paint and I touch up painted the white trim as well} but she loves it and that’s all that matters :o}

So there is our little mini makeover of our sweet girls dollhouse 🙂 There are some great bargains out there on wooden dollhouses! Maybe there is one out there waiting for you to makeover?!