Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm dreaming of a - dream home!

Do you love dreaming about the perfect home for your family? 

We do! We are always talking about things we'd like to have in our dream house, things we'd do differently next time and what kind of location we'd love to live in. As our family grows and as our kids ages change our wants and desires change too. We built our current home too, but were limited in choice and also were not very experienced! It was the first time we had ever taken on something like that and it was daunting! 

So we love to talk about what we'd do differently next time. I'm sure that if and when we ever get to build our dream house or something close, we'll have some very different ideas to those we have now.  But it's fun anyway!

We love heading out to display villages and looking at house plans online as well as house and land packages available like these from Stockland.

So, what goes into a dream house for our family?

I grew up in Indonesia so I often lean towards a tropical, Asian style look outside and a little bit of that inside - water feature and gorgeous timber decking would probably be a must. My hubby is a bit more country cottage or ultra sleek modern. I'm pretty sure if we did build our dream we'd have to compromise a lot on the overall look of the outside so we don't end up with something Dr Seuss-ish!
This is a rough house plan that we change every so often when we get another idea. Obviously the right hand 'bedroom side' of the house still needs some work, and I'd love to shove a playroom in somewhere that could be used as a hang out room with tv etc when they get too old for toys. But it's fun to tweak and change as we go, maybe one day we'll get to actually build something like it :o}

I would love a mudroom to catch all our 'stuff' when we come home - attached to the garage would mean that all our shoes, jackets, umbrellas, bags and such don't have to get dragged through the rest of the house. I'd also love a laundry off the mudroom.

I absolutely love looking at gorgeous house photos for ideas and inspiration. This is one of my favourite mudrooms and I would love to have something similar one day! Spots for bags, shoes, notices etc.
Also stemming off the mudroom ideally for us would be a scullery and walk in pantry that leads into the kitchen. This way we come home with groceries and children and school bags and lunch boxes and shoes and socks and - you get the idea. We get out of the car and walk into the mudroom, kids hang up their bags, take off their shoes and put their socks and what ever else into the laundry. Lunch boxes get placed in the kitchen on the way to the breakfast bar / kitchen island bench where they can have a snack and do some homework.

I obviously spend most of my time thinking about how this whole area of the house will work! But we do spend so so much time in the kitchen / dining area of our homes don't we?! Currently I have a small but very useful galley style kitchen, but I would love a gorgeous corner kitchen overlooking the garden so I can watch the kids play while I prep dinner or clean up after lunch. I would love for the kids to be able to sit at the kitchen island for homework and breakfast and save the dining room for dinners and weekend brunches. This kitchen is just about exactly what I dream of.
I'd love the dining room to be just off a kitchen like this, open plan with living room near. I'd love the alfresco to have bifold doors so we can open up the living room and have a great big and open entertaining space when we want it. 

I'd also love a guest room. We don't have family around here so it is pretty important to us that we can have them stay comfortably when they are visiting. I'd love for them to have their own bathroom while they're here too! 

I would love a bath tub in the master bathroom. I don't understand why most of the new homes these days seem to leave the bath for just the kids - sometimes it's nice to have a bath without moving all the squeaky bath toys out of the way :o} 

In the kids bathroom I'd love a double vanity so I can crowd them all in for teeth brushing time!
I don't want the house to be overly big - I would still have to clean it! But I would love for it to be a bit more functional with mudroom and scullery than our home is now. As well as have plenty of built in storage which our current home really lacks. 

I'd love plenty of room for the kids to play in the back yard, as well as room for veggie patches, compost bin, worm farm and a water tank! I love this sustainability guide for Stockland's Mt Aiken homes. We were given a similar brochure when we built our current house and I love that our home takes advantage of the suns' position to help keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter and I'd like to take that into consideration if we ever got to build our dream home, too. We currently have solar hot water but I'd love some solar panels and to be able to use recycled or rain tank water on the gardens! 

Do you like dreaming up an ideal home for your family? 
What would you make sure it had? And what can you live without? 
We currently have a rear access home, so our back door is our main door - I could certainly live without that in our next home! Sand EVERYWHERE!



Disclosure: This is brought to you in partnership with Stockland. All words and opinions are my own. The house plan is ours and not drawn to scale. The images used are credited.


  1. I do this too Bianca! Im such a dreamer like that. I even wrote about my dream home here:!
    That kitchen is gorgeous too. If only it didnt take so long to build....!

    1. LOVE your inspiration photos Melissa! I could really spend forever looking at house photos! x Thank you for sharing!

  2. Really? A sponsored post? This is a little disappointing Bianca. All of the fantastic blogs are slowly incorporating more sponsored posts now. I understand the sponsorship side of things, and needing to make a small amount of income from your blog, I truly get that. But, I don't know. It's just a shame that blogging is now becoming 'commercial'. I love your ideas, I love building, so I'm interested in what you are saying. You have great ideas. But 'sponsoring' your thoughts is just not what I believe to fit with the feel of your blog.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Michelle, I appreciate it especially as you were kind in your delivery.
      I get a lot of pitches for sponsored posts and most I say no thank you to, this one I thought would be fun as I was able to talk about my dream home - my thoughts here are completely my own and the plan I shared is one my hubby and I have been playing with over the years so I said yes because I felt I could be honest and myself in this post.
      Thank you for understanding that some bloggers might want to make a little income from their blogs - I am still fairly new to that area and still finding my feet and learning what I like and don't like and I appreciate hearing from you!

  3. Love it! I have many house plans on the go all the time and they ALL have a mudroom!!!!

    1. I think a mudroom is the best best idea ever Larissa! Would love to see your dream home plans!

  4. Bianca - 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a separate theatre? Really? Sorry, but I think it's just all too much. If we are talking about sustainability and environmental impact, why such an enormous house? Sorry, but I just can't understand why people want to build such enormous homes?

    1. Hi Jennifer
      I currently live in a 5 bedroom house with separate theatre, though 2 bathrooms and not 3. It's not an enormous home by any means (though not saying it's small either, just 'average' for where we live), and our 'dream' home would be bigger but not by much. It's just a 'dream' anyway, not a reality at this stage. My husband is in the construction industry and it is very possible to build a house like that in a very sustainable and environmentally friendly way, with awesome recycled materials - it's amazing what they are coming out with these days in terms of eco-sustainable house design and I'm thankful that if we ever do get to build a house of our dreams then he will have all the knowledge from his work and industry to help us.

  5. I love your dream home. I think your idea of mudroom, laundry, scullery is brilliant and makes a lot of sense. I'd reconsider perhaps putting another entrance to the laundry, I just think it would get annoying after a while having to go through the pantry and a mudroom just to get to it.

    We had plans drawn for our dream home. We were going knock down and rebuild, but we had to let go of that idea because we moved to a better but more expensive area to be close to good schools and work. It was the best house ever! Oh day.

  6. Your mudroom and scullery ideas are great (although like Kristy above, I was thinking another entry to your laundry might be handy). Having a toilet near your living area is clever too. I love that kitchen above!


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