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sight word fun and printable sight word flashcards

Noah is LOVING sight words and we have been learning them in a few different ways that I thought I would share with you!

His teacher sends home a list for them to work on and once they're confident with that list, they get sent home with another list. So I thought I'd share with you a few of the things we do to learn the words on the lists he is given from school.

I've also included some printable sight word flash cards for you to download and print if you wish :o} They are based on the Dolch Sight Words list I found online so hopefully they are fairly common no matter where you are!

1. Sight word parking game

This has to be Noah's favourite - hands down. He loves cars, and parking them, and sight words. WIN.
Take the sight words you're working on and just write them on a large piece of paper {we use A3 so I can fit quite a few words on there at a time} and use a ruler to make your parking spaces. Add a road down the middle for fun :o} brmmm brmmm!
Then give your kiddo a car or two and ask them to park their car on certain words.
Mix it up by also getting them to pick a word to park on and have them say it out loud! Both recognising the word after you say it to them and them saying the word they've picked out loud are great for sight word learning.

2. Sight word matching
Matching sight words is also a great way to learn and recognise them. You could use the printable ones I made {link below} and print out two copies, one to keep as is on an a4 sheet of paper and one to cut up to match.

3. Sight word sticks
These are just a little bit fun and different. My kids love them {Chloe likes to 'read' {repeat} them out loud too when we do them!}
I saw this awesome idea thanks to Lotta Magazine sometime last year and we have been using them ever since. 

4. Sight word flash cards
These were made by me so that Noah would have a set of his current sight words {his teacher assigns a list} within easy reach when ever he wanted. We bring them in the car or he just grabs them during homework time and reads them all out. 

We also put them upside down {we can take them off the ring} and turn them over and he has to try and say the word real quick. 

And another favourite way to use them is to neatly place them on the table and again use something fun and exciting {a car, lego man etc} to 'hop' onto the words. 

Lately when practicing his writing Noah has also been taking his sight word flash card stacks out to find words he needs help spelling - so he not only has to work at reading them all to find the word he wants, but then they are also helping him to spell and write them out. I make these each time he gets a list {yes, a bit of work involved in cutting and laminating them all but it's worth it and I know they'll be used for ages - you don't need to laminate them though! Just cut them out if you prefer}

You can download our first pack of 5 pages of sight words here :o} 

I hope you have fun with them, or any of the other ideas I shared here that have been working really well for us lately! :o}

I also really love this Sight Word Bingo - thank you to Sonia for sharing that awesome idea!! You can download Sonia's sight word bingo card from her blog too if you hop on over!

How do you like learning sight words at your house!?


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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas with sight words..these will be very helpful...

    1. Thank you so much Sapna, so glad they'll be helpful!

  2. OOooo I love those flash cards! Downloading them now! and thanks for sharing the bingo huni xx

    1. Oh thanks hun! And my pleasure, we love your bingo! x

  3. Thanks so much Bianca. Miss 5 loves the car park game too. I've downloaded your flashcards.

    1. Thanks Katie! I hope your Miss 5 loves them! x

  4. LOVE the car park game ... am going to organise that one for this weekend! Thank you x

    1. Hope your little one enjoyed!! x

  5. What a great post - thanks Bianca! My oldest son starts school (Prep in Vic) next year so I should be getting organised now. A little bit of denial going on here :)
    A question: where do you purchase the rings to keep the laminated cards together?

    1. Oh I know about the denial!!! :) You're very organised though! Go you!
      I bought the rings from officeworks - but you can usually buy them from scrapbook shops too! Hope that helps! x

  6. Bianca thanks for sharing your great ideas, it really is much appreciated. I often float in and out of your blog and always leave after reading with a little more inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! You're so lovely, thank you for popping by! x

  7. I'm a primary school teacher in NSW and love the idea of the parking game! A favorite in my classroom is 'Bang' - print your sight words cards, and some cards (of the same size) that say Bang. Pop all of the cards in a bowl or a fun container, and take turns pulling the cards out. If a card is read correctly, it's kept by the player. If its read incorrectly pop it back in. The aim is to have the biggest pile. If a bang card is pulled out, all of that players cards are returned to the bowl.

    1. Oh I love that idea for a game! We could use the flash cards for that, thank you so so much for sharing! I hope you don't mind I might share it on FB? x

  8. Oh you are just too good! My little girl is 5 and were learning all about sight words - I googled "sight word flashcards" (im on a bit of a kick right now) and of course your trusty blog came up! Thanks Bianca :) Ill add these ones to the colour cards :)


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