Wednesday, January 15, 2014

create packs : encouraging open ended creativity

You would already know my kids like to craft from much of the content that is shared here on the blog. You'll know that I do, too. And although things have been really busy lately with a new baby and Christmas and holidays visiting family, we are still crafting most days, though a little differently. 

As much as we love and continue to make things that have an 'end result' to achieve, such as rocks that look like bugs or paper plates that look like koalas, we are big big big on open ended creating too, and that is where these Create Packs have been coming in really handy lately since I don't have as much time to just grab some supplies for the kids when ever the mood strikes them.

A month or so before Owen was born I sat down and made a HEAP of these packs using craft supplies we already had in our craft cupboard. It was one of the most worthwhile projects I completed before having our baby. My kids are so enthusiastic to create when they're given the tools and supplies to do as they wish, so these packs are in the cupboard ready for them to grab and get creating. All I need to do is add glue or tape {depending on how I'm feeling - messy or not so messy etc} and often scissors and some pens or markers and they're set to let their imagination run wild. 

I just used a bunch of random bits and pieces from felt and foam off cuts to pipe cleaners, cotton balls, yarn, little wooden bits and pieces, beads, pasta, googly eyes, cellophane, mini cupcake wrappers etc and then popped a random assortment into brown paper lunch bags.

I love these create packs for so many reasons!

1. it gets some of our craft stuff that normally just sits in the cupboard out and used

2. it doesn't have an end result that it is 'supposed' to look like. it is just purely up to them what they create

3. it isn't unlimited access to the craft cupboard, this means less mess for me and more thinking out of the box for them if their pack doesn't contain a pipe cleaner or a piece of blue paper etc. 

4. it encourages them to share and swap if the other one's pack had something they'd really like to use

5. I can set them up for a crafting session in literally 2 minutes - grab a work tray, grab a create pack, give them glue or tape and they're set. I can sit and feed Owen while I watch them work away!

The best thing about these create packs though?

What they make! I LOVE their creations!

The supplies above became this gorgeous little paper plate hanging 

And little off cuts of foam from making alphabet fish became this cute little man, complete with a change of clothes! Since then Noah has also made him a rocket ship. 

They're also mixing the craft supplies with drawings which I am loving! 

This kind of creativity is so important for kids and this is one really easy way to provide them with supplies to let them create! Make up a whole bunch at a time and just watch the magic of your child's imagination unfold. They have to think, imagine, problem solve and learn to work with what they have {though sometimes my kids ask if they can add something specific like a paper plate or a if they can have a tissue box or empty paper towel roll which I'm totally ok with!} and then they can be proud of their awesome creations and works of art!!

What do your kids like to make when you let their imaginations run wild??




  1. ooh I love love this idea Bianca!!

  2. Oh I am so going to make some create packs tonight!! Such a great idea!
    My kids usually end up making some kind of truck/dumper/train/crane/car/helicopter - anything transport!! They're obsessed!

    1. Love it! :) Noah is usually making something related to whales / sharks or space!
      hope you have fun making them! I'm sure the kids will love x

  3. seriously. this is genius. I have so much stuff jammed into a huge "craft" box that we all become overwhelmed when it comes out.

    Will be doing this for birthday parties as well.



    1. Cath awesome idea to make these for birthday parties too! LOVE IT!
      yes our craft cupboard was a mess and the kids wouldn't really know what to do with themselves when they were given free reign of it so this works so well for them :) x

  4. Great idea, love it! My daughter loves to make stuff,I'm sure she would love these.

    1. I hope she has fun Michelle! It's so gorgeous to watch them make stuff isn't it! They're always so proud. :)

  5. I did something similar to this for when Finnley was born.
    Such I good idea and saved me on several occasions.
    I do like the idea of having open ended art bags though!
    Thanks for sharing x

    1. Good work Mama! They have been a saviour here too for my craft loving kiddos. x

  6. What a lovely idea - thanks!!

  7. This is a brilliant idea. I'll be using this one for playgroup :-)


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