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I am a 20 something mama to two delightful kiddos. I married an amazing man, who is the absolute love of my life. Currently I am a stay at home mama and I love it. I also study from home and am hoping to complete my degree in Mass Communications in early 2013.

I am a third culture kid - it's hard to tell you where 'home' is, and hard to explain to you where I'm from. But I can try ... 
I am half Australian and half Filipina. I spent most of my life in Indonesia, can speak Bahasa Indonesia and have an American accent even though I have now lived in Australia for 9 years.
I also lived in the Philippines, America {New York and Connecticut}, Thailand and Singapore before my family settled in Indonesia. I moved to Perth for university and a few years later I met my husband.

Together with our sweet kiddos we try to live happy lives, full of fun, learning and growing. We laugh, make mess, bake, build tents in the living room, create, read, cook, do laundry and everything else a busy family does. And we love it.

I am a bit of a neat freak and love sitting down at the end of the day when my house is clean and ready for another day of happy mess making.
I am addicted to taking photos and LOVE making memories for my children and our family.
I am a 'Christmas nut' as my husband calls me. You are warned that this place gets a bit festive at Christmas time!
I love to cook and bake and feed my family wholesome, made from scratch food.
I am - in real life, shy! So painfully shy. Sometimes this comes across as me being snobby.
I can suffer from anxiety and over think everything.
I love white flowers and the scent of ginger and lemongrass helps me calm and sandalwood incense and chilli and garlic cooking make me homesick.
I always have and always will love New York. I need to go back there one day.
I am the eldest of four kiddos - and the only girl.
I have always wanted to be a mum.

I believe that we are our children's first teachers, and that I have a duty and responsibility to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for them to feel loved and protected,  and for them to learn and grow in.
I believe in avoiding chemicals, additives and preservatives as much as possible, in our food as well as body and cleaning products in our home.
I believe in bed time stories and 'one last hug' at bedtimes.
I believe that children should be allowed to make messes and that it is important to provide them with the tools and opportunities to explore their world in their way.
I also believe that it is important to provide guided learning and activities, too.
I believe that childhood should be magical and wonderful.
I believe in learning about culture and different places, I believe in traveling and doing it often.
I believe in making my bed every morning.
I believe that something baked with love almost always helps someone feel better.
I believe in honesty.
and most of all, I believe that family is everything
and that my children are the greatest gift.

Here I blog about all sorts. Life, love, crafts, baking, decorating, organising, memory keeping, travel.
I hope you find something a little delightful :o}


  1. love it bianca. you are such a beautiful mumma.

  2. I have just read your biog and feel the same way about so many of your views! My husband thinks I'm nuts with my camera, but I want to capture all those memories!!

  3. Hi Bianca

    I'm just starting from the beginning and I think this is such a wonderful introduction to who you are. I look forward to alot of catch up reading!

  4. I love that you have expanded about yourself here Bianca. Beautiful ; )

  5. I wish I was as good a mom as you. I wish I read your blog before I had kids. I will never be good enough. You are perfect, your kids are so lucky. They always have a clean house, healthy food, crafts to do and a creative and loving mom. I have days where I think I'm ok at it, and days where I really fail at it. I wish I was better, more like you. Thank you for your blog.

    1. This made me so sad to read. I wrote you a reply here http://www.alittledelightful.com/2012/09/dear-anonymous.html .. xx

  6. Just wanted to say I love your new design and colours!

  7. Anonymous, I just came upon this blog (which is so sweet Bianca), and happen to see your comment. here is something i read. Read it and feel better. If you are doing your best then you are doing enough...its all anyone can expect


  8. just found this website and i absoulutly love it! ♥

  9. Hello Bianca,

    I come from Indonesia. So I will continue using Bahasa Indonesia.

    Senang sekali ternyata kamu bisa berbahasa Indonesia. Saya tidak sengaja menemukan blog kamu dan menemukan banyak inspirasi di dalamnya.

    Keep Blogging! :D

    Love from Indonesia,


  10. Hello Bianca!
    I just happened to come across your lovely blog and I'm so happy that I did. I'm also a third culture kid and I can see that we have quite a few interests in common :) I'm a stay at home mom to two children but I've also started teaching again, which is why I actually came across your blog. Your Easter activity was much loved by my boy and now I'll be sharing it with the parents of the toddlers that I teach English to.
    Looking forward to reading your posts!

  11. Really lovely blog - I enjoy reading your posts. From another Perth mumma :)

  12. I stumbled across your page through pinterest and the colouful dyed pasta picture caught my eye! I am a mum of three young boys and teach at a pre-school so I shall be taking this idea into school with me next week and I just know that the children will LOVE IT!! Thanks for the inspiration. x


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