Sunday, April 10, 2011

paper plate bunnies

This is a fun craft to do with bits and pieces you might have lying around at home.

We used all of this stuff, just because we had it in our craft cupboard. It is easy to do this craft without any of this stuff, though! You really could just use paper and crayon.

Firstly trace your child's feet on a sheet of pink paper - or you could use white paper and colour it.

Cut this out and tape or glue to a thick cardboard. Cut out to look like bunny ears. 

With a paper plate, either glue eyes, nose and whiskers on or draw these on with a crayon or marker.

Glue the whiskers on if you are using pipe cleaners. You could also use straws or anything else you fancy really. Or you could just draw them on. If you use glue, you will probably have to use a bit to keep those pipe cleaners on there, and you will have to let it dry completely before doing the last step.

And then add a mouth.

Tape the bunny ears to the top. Depending on how you are displaying your kiddo's bunny face - you may need to tape a pop stick / chop stick to the back of each ear to help them stand up.

On the left - 4 year old feet ears and on the right - 11 month old feet ears.
I love how it is not only a cute and fun activity for Easter but it is also a record of the size of their cute little feet! 

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  1. Gorgeous idea, I'll definitely be borrowing this if that's ok?

  2. Of course Rebekah! Enjoy making these with your kiddos! x

  3. That is to cute, love it

  4. Your ideas are so awesome! Love this. N x

  5. Cute bunnies. Thank you for sharing at It's Playtime!

    Rachele @ Messy Kids

  6. Those bunny feet are fun! Thanks for linking up to it's playtime.

  7. Can I pin your post on Pinterest?

  8. Hi, I'm Taced from Italy... thank you for your tutoria, I shared it here:
    If you want, visit my blog!
    Hugs, Taced


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